Ron Weise began his career in the mid 90's when, as an avid amateur photographer, he began receiving numerous local awards through the Lancaster Newspaper, Lancaster County Camera Club, and county exhibitions. His eye for composition combined with customer service skills he had learned as a local business owner, began attracting requests for portraits, weddings, and commercial photography.

Ron is a graduate of Antonelli Institute in Philadelphia with a degree in Photography, accompanied by the prestigious Alpha Beta Kappa Award. While there, he received a First Place Award in the Antonelli Photojournalism Competition, was chosen President of the Student Photographic Society, and received the Student Ambassadorship for the livebooks website hosting program.

Ron photographs with Canon Professional equipment, then uses his knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom to perfect the images. He continues to refine his skills behind the camera as well as the computer screen through seminars and workshops with other working professionals.

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